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12 recensioner av nya Apple TV

Den fjärde generationens Apple TV är släppt och enheterna är just nu på väg till de första som förhandsbeställt. De publikationer som fått exemplar i förhand har nu släppt sina recensioner så står du i valet och kvalet om denna nya modell är något för dig har vi samlat länkar till tolv av dessa tillsammans med korta utdrag. Har du redan beställt och väntar kan du läsa om vad du har att förvänta dig.

Universal MindThe Apple TV is no longer just a hobby

As with so many things in technology, everything old is new again. The desire to conquer general purpose computing in the living room is decades old, but the timing and execution for widespread mainstream adoption may finally be right.

The Verge, Walt MossbergThe Apple TV gets smart

In effect, Apple TV has become a sort of iPhone or iPad for the TV, a platform for apps usable across a room. By making the box another vessel for its giant assortment of third-party apps and home-grown services, Apple is putting itself in a position to host programming the networks and studios are increasingly streaming, as well as new kinds of TV content.

The Verge, Nilay PatelThe future of TV is here. Or is it?

It is not the world’s most understated tagline for a new product, especially one from Apple. If you want to set sky-high expectations around a new TV product after years of rumors and sly winks and shelved plans, well, that’s exactly how to do it. You say that you’ve invented the future of TV, and that it is here.

The Wall Street JournalA Giant iPhone for Your Living Room

What makes apps better than channels? For starters, you can pay for just the ones you want. And they’re interactive, so content can be tailored and you don’t have to just accept whatever happens to be showing live.

BuzzFeedThe Apple TV You’ve Always Wanted Is Finally Here

The new Apple TV isn’t just an upgraded set-top box, it’s the first “true” Apple TV, one that articulates Apple’s vision of what the TV viewing experience should be. It’s an appealing vision.

MashableChannels are dead — the future of TV is apps

A lot of the apps on Apple TV are for viewing content. After all, channels are dead — it’s all about apps. And when it comes to content apps, everything you knew from the old Apple TV is here too, along with some new additions.

CNETThe smoothest streaming TV today, powerful potential tomorrow

I tried most of those games with a compatible controller, the Steel Series Stratus XL, and in most cases I found it more precise and responsive. But for casual games and quick one-off entertainment jaunts, it’s pretty great to just pick up the remote and click.

YahooLoads of Potential—and Lots of Bugs

But here’s why Apple executives keep calling the Apple TV “the future of TV”: it can run apps far beyond TV and movies. Apple wants us to think of the Apple TV as another phone or tablet, capable of running all the same kinds of apps.

USA TodaySiri adds voice to Apple TV but where’s the 4K?

The App Store on Apple TV resembles its counterpart on iOS devices. (Apple’s tvOS operating system is based on iOS.) Apple won’t disclose the total number of apps coming at launch, but says there’s major interest among third-party developers.

MobileSyrup – Apple reimagines the set-top box

Apple’s re-imagined Apple TV aims to disrupt the set-top box industry the same way the company altered the inherent concept of what a smartphone is capable of with the iPhone, as well as the tech giant’s current ambition to dominate the wearable space through the Apple Watch.

Refinery 29Your Living Room Needs The New Apple TV

If you are an iPhone user and you own a TV, you’re going to want the new Apple TV.

abc NewsApple TV Brings iPhone-Like Apps to the Big Screen

It turns out that Apple’s streaming-TV box — aptly named Apple TV — isn’t just for streaming anymore. Its latest incarnation, which ships this week, offers on the big screen just about anything you could previously only do on an iPhone or iPad.

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