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Dropbox till iPhone & iPad iOS 4.2-kompatibelt


Dropbox till iPhone och iPad kom idag med en liten uppdatering och är nu förberedd för iOS 4.2 som kommer vilken dag som helst.

    – Photos:
    ** Persistent photo caching
    ** PNGs and GIFs no longer JPEG compressed when viewed on device
    ** Higher quality thumbnails on retinas devices
    Improved scroll bar behavior & appearance in document viewer
    – OS 4.2 compatibility
    – Bugfixes:
    ** Media player performance fixes, time remaining calculations
    ** Better handling of partially downloaded favorite files
    ** Properly handle the less common Office file type extensions (e.g., .PPSX, .XLSM)
    ** Re-enable selection of photos for upload across entire Photo Library
    ** Stability improvements
    ** Other miscellaneous fixes

Dropbox är en universal app och hämtas gratis i App Store.

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