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Här är recensionerna av iPad Air

I natt släpptes recensionerna för iPad Air från de journalister som fick enheter med sig från Apples event 22 oktober. Säljstarten är på fredag 1 november även här i Sverige. Färgvalen är rymdgrå/svart och silver/vit.

Priserna är som följer (16 GB / 32 GB / 64 GB / 128 GB):

  • iPad Air Wifi: 4395kr / 5295kr / 6195kr / 7095kr
  • iPad Air LTE/4G:  5595kr / 6495kr / 7395kr / 8295kr

Recensionerna är över lag positiva och koncentrerar sig mestadels på att den är lättare, tunnare och smalare samt berömmer batteritiden som till och med är bättre än de 10 timmar som Apple anger.

Dessutom anges det stora urvalet kvalitativa appar i App Store speciellt för iPad som ett kraftfullt argument för varför iPad Air ännu är långt före sina konkurrenter. Den största utmanaren är kommande iPad mini med Retina-skärm från Apple själva.

Utdrag och länkar till nio olika recensioner hittar du nedan:

John Gruber – Daring Fireball

For anyone who doesn’t truly take advantage of the capabilities in Mac OS X (or Windows) that aren’t available in iOS, the iPad Air is a superior portable computer to a laptop in nearly every way. Smaller, lighter, simpler, more fun. And now, with the iPad Air, in many cases it’s even a faster device. Note too, the simple fact that the high-end iPad Air, with cellular networking and 128 GB of storage (the configuration I tested), costs $929 — only $70 less than the base model MacBook Air. The new iPad Air is a full-fledged competitor to laptops.

Jim Dalrymple – Loop Insight

This smaller size is great. If you have decent sized hands you can type with two thumbs on the iPad in portrait, something I wasn’t really able to do with the last generation iPad without a lot of stretching. Clearly a full-size iPad is not something you will be thumb typing with all the time, but it does give you an idea of how much smaller the iPad Air is.

Anand Lal Shimpi – AnandTech

A significant re-imagining of the original 9.7-inch iPad, the Air breathes new life into the platform. Much like the rMBP, the iPad Air borrows a lot of the learnings from its more popular ultraportable counterpart. I don’t know that it will curb enthusiasm over the iPad mini, particularly now that the new mini shares the same hardware platform (including display), but it levels the playing field between the two models.

Walt Mossberg – All Things D

I found the iPad Air to be much more comfortable to hold for long periods than the last two, heavier models. And I found it to be noticeably faster than prior iPads. Apple claims it offers up to twice the speed of past models. It attributes that to a new processor, of its own design, called the A7, which also will be in the new Mini. This processor, like most PC processors, is what’s called a 64-bit chip, which means it can handle data in bigger chunks.

Harry McCracken – Time

To steal the phrase that Jeff Bezos used to describe Amazon’s original Kindle e-reader, you want a tablet to disappear in your hands. And there’s so much less of the Air that it comes closer to doing that than any previous full-sized iPad, letting you focus on the app you’re using rather than the device you’re holding. You can even support it in one hand, at least for a bit, without giving yourself a sore wrist. It’s just plain more approachable.

Brad Molen – Engadget

Yes, as strange as it may sound, the latest iPad is actually just a larger version of the 7.9-inch mini. It’s as if the smaller device — which launched at the same time as the fourth-gen iPad — was a pilot test for Jony Ive’s new design language. Calling it the ”Air” was fitting indeed, since it’s ridiculously small and light compared to previous models.

Darrell Etherington – TechCrunch

The design is the star of Apple’s iPad Air refresh this time around; the 9.7-inch Apple tablet has had the same form factor for two generations now, and that one actually made the design worse – it got heavier, and it got thicker. This new iPad mini-inspired look sheds both size and weight, giving the iPad Air a 43 percent smaller bezel, a 20 percent thinner case, and making it 28 percent lighter, at just one pound.

Damon Darling – The New York Times

If you decide you need the bigger screen, you will find a lot of benefit in the iPad Air. In addition to being light and slim, it loads apps and web pages quickly — faster than the old iPad, because Apple tailored software to mesh with the custom A7 processor and vice versa.

Edward Baig – USA Today

As it happens, though, this latest full-size Apple tablet is the most tempting iPad yet, better than its already best of breed predecessors, superior still to each and every rival big screen slate that I’ve tested. Apple dominates the tablet apps ecosystem. Its tablet remains the easiest to use.

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