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Konceptbild och spec på nya MacBook Air


Från Cult of Mac kom idag nya uppgifter som i stort stämmer överens med tidigare men mera specifikt och de har även gjort en snygg konceptbild för att illustrera den kommande modellen. Det är ganska mycket text jag kopierat in nedan men den är full av intressant information om vad vi kan hoppas på att få presenterat under onsdagens event.

    Bigger battery
    A 50-percent bigger battery, delivering 8-10 hours of battery life. The current MacBook Air has a 5-hour battery.

    Thinner, lighter, boxier
    The new machine is thinner and lighter, weighing less than the current model’s 3lbs, our source says.
    The new enclosure is also an aluminum unibody design, like the current model — but not as curvy.
    “It’s very, very nice,” says our source. “It does not have curves. It has straight edges. It’s boxier, like the iPhone 4.”

    SD card, two USB ports, straight MagSafe
    Two USB ports, one on each side.
    An SD card slot on the right side will allow the MBA’s memory to be quickly and easily upgraded. SD cards are currently available at 64GBs, and will soon be available at 128GBs (super expensive, of course).
    A Mini DisplayPort adapter on the left side, next to the MagSafe power plug (which is now straight, not bent at 90-degrees like the current model).

    Trackpad and keyboard
    Same black keyboard as current MBA, same single-button Multi-Touch trackpad.

    RAM and SSD
    The base model will likely have 2GB of RAM. However, unlike the current machine, the RAM module is upgradeable, as is the SSD drive — allowing users to upgrade the RAM or internal drive at a future date. Lack of upgradeable RAM has often been mentioned as a shortcoming of the current MBA.

    NVidia GeForce 320M integrated graphics (same as the current MacBook).

    Engadget’s pictured prototype was supposedly manufactured in April, and it appears to be running the same 1.86GHz Intel Core 2 Duo processor as the current MBA. However, our source said the new model is likely to come in two different configurations — 2.1Ghz (with 2GB of RAM) and 2.4 GHz (with 4GB of RAM). However, this is unconfirmed.

    The new MBA is rumored to be considerably cheaper than the current MBA’s $1,500 starting price. Our source suggests the 13-inch machine may be priced as low as $1,100, and the 11-inch MBA at $999. The source points out that the 64GB iPad starts at $700, and the MacBook Air doesn’t have many more components.

Så vad tror ni? Kan detta vara den maskin vi får se Steve komma ut med på scenen i ett ännu mindre kuvert än förra gången.