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Köp dig ett eget Mac-museum


Har du alltid önskat dig ett alldeles eget Mac-museum har du chansen nu. Herren bakom The Mac Museum of New Jersey skall flytta och har lagt ut hela samlingen på Ebay.

Med 10 timmar kvar när detta skrivs är budet uppe i 2 175 dollar så det är verkligen inte hela världen.

För ditt bud får du bland annat:

1. 20th Anniversary Macintosh   “Spartacus” In its original box and with its elegant Bose subwoofer/sound system. Booklets are included. (pictured)

2. Macintosh XL (Lisa 2)   “Lisa” (pictured)

3. Apple TechStep Diagnostic Handheld. With case and booklets

4. Macintosh 128K   “Macintosh”  with user guide book. The one that started it all.

5. Macintosh Portable   “Laguna” with OS installer floppies and booklet  (pictured)

6. Macintosh DuoDock II   “Atlantis”

7. Apple M4120 Interactive Cable TV Box (w/early prototype) Apple’s first and only entry into the interactive cable TV arena.

8. Macintosh Plus   “Mr. T”

9. Macintosh Color Classic   “Slice” Last of the Classic. (pictured)

10. Macintosh TV   “Peter Pan” This modified LC 520 was the first “cable-ready” Macintosh, enabling the user to watch 16-bit TV or compute. Includes booklet

11. Macintosh SE/30   “Green Jade”

12. Apple Newton MessagePad 120   “Gelato” With charging station(in box) plus several booklets (pictured)

13. Macintosh IIci w/TEMPEST modifications VERY RARE Basically, a plain-vanilla IIci encased in a metallic shell painted to look like… IIci. Computers modified to TEMPEST (Telecommunications Electronics Material Protected from Emanating Spurious Transmissions) specifications emit no electromagnetic radiation, making them impervious to EMR-sniffing intelligence operatives.

14. Apple eMate 300   “Project K” The eMate was essentially an Apple Newton MessagePad repackaged for the education market, with a built-in keyboard enclosed in a greenish-black case. (pictured)

15. Apple QuickTake 100   “Venus” Apple’s first digital. Similar sale on bay recently sold for more then $200 (picture) – with original Box, parts and booklets

16. Macintosh Duo 230   “Bob” Arguably the first-ever “subnotebook”.

17. Macintosh IIsi   “Ray Ban” The IIsi introduced audio-in to the Macintosh line, giving it the distinction of being the first Mac to ship with a microphone.

18. Macintosh Classic  “XO, Civic” with setup guide book

19. Apple QuickTake 200  “Neptune” – with original Box, parts and booklets

20. Apple PowerCD  150 “Tulip”

21. Flower Power iMac

22. First Generation iPod. 5Gig – with original Box, parts and booklets

23. Apple 3.5 external floppy drive

24. Apple 5.25 external floppy drive

Men också en hel del fräcka planscher och prylar med Apple-loggan på.