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Kuo: USB-C på iPad Pro och keramisk baksida på alla nya Apple Watch
På onsdag vet vi

Den erfarne Apple-analytikern Ming-Chi Kuo har nu släppt sin rapport om vad han tror Apple kommer lansera på onsdag och det är en hel del nytt från tidigare rykten.

Kuo tror att Apple kommer att byta ut lightning mot USB-C på dom kommande iPad Pro-modellerna men telefonerna kommer fortsatt ha lightning samt skeppas med en 5w-laddare precis som tidigare. Det har även ryktas om en billigare ”skoldator” och denna kommer enligt Kuo ha FaceID men inte någon Touch Bar. Sist men inte minst säger Kuo att Apple Watch Series 4 kommer ha en keramisk baksida som standard.

Hela hans rapport kan ni läsa nedan:

”The new 6.1” LCD iPhone will still be the main investment theme despite mass production being postponed to late Sep–early Oct due to quality issues of assembly and display. We expect the new 6.1” LCD iPhone to account for 50–55% and 65–70% of the total new model shipments in 2H18 and 2H18–1H19, respectively. We reiterate that the beneficiaries include Luxshare ICT, O-film, Catcher, Lemtek, Merry, Unimicron, Chipbond, Minebea, JDI and Synaptics. 

In addition to Face ID support, we expect the new iPad Pro models’ main upgrade to include replacing Lightning with a USB-C interface and bundling with a new unibody design 18W power adapter, which cancels the removable plug design (2H18 new iPhone models remain Lightning interface and bundle current 5W power adapter). We believe the upgrade will enhance charging speed and data transmission speed. The main accessory supplier Lucshare ICT and power delivery (PD) chip supplier Cypress are beneficiaries. 

The new low-price MacBook may replace the position of the current 12” MacBook. We expect this new model to support the Touch ID but it will not have the Touch Bar. Everwin Precision is the main beneficiary because it is the first time this company will enter the Mac casing supply chain and its shipments account for 20% of the new MacBook model’s D parts. 

The new Apple Watch models will have narrower bezels, support electrocardiography (ECG), and all be equipped with ceramic backs (currently, some models are equipped with composite backs). We believe the new Apple Watch models will attract more users on supporting ECG. The ECG supplier is Osram (LED design). The ASP of a ceramic back is 150–200% higher than a composite back, so suppliers — including Bile and Lens — will benefit from the higher ASP.”

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