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PCMAG testar nya Apple TV


Nu börjar det dyka upp recensioner på nya Apple TV och först ut verkar PCMAG vara med både en lång recension och en video på hur gränssnittet fungerar samt en del funktioner. Trots att den inte finns här än och man inte kan hyra filmer i Sverige vill jag ändå ha en. AirPlay verkar hur bra som helst.

PCMAG.COM – Apple TV (2010)

    The first Apple TV was a great idea, but technology—particularly wireless streaming—wasn’t where it needed to be for the box to make new strides, until now. The new, miniature Apple TV costs less than most iPods. Sure, the rental limitations can be irksome, but, particularly for iOS device owners, the new features dramatically outweigh the letdowns. Because of its affordability, ease-of-use, and impressive capabilities, the Apple TV gets our Editors’ Choice award. If more networks were onboard the 99-cent rental bandwagon at launch, it would have received an even-higher rating. Fingers crossed the TV selection will improve over time.