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Sätt färg på Magic Trackpad


ColorWare sätter färg på i stort sett vilken Apple-produkt du vill och nu går också Magic Trackpad att fås i nästan vilken färg du vill.

    Magic Trackpad
    Any computer deserves wireless control with equal standards. ColorWare allows you to match the revolutionary Apple® Magic Trackpad to the rest of your style with its large selection of custom colors.

    The ColorWare design studio is easy to use, and can help you find the perfect color for your new trackpad. Whichever way you want to view your product, from photos and videos to interactive 360 images, there’s an option for you.

    The Magic Trackpad brings the familiarity of a laptop trackpad to any style of computer. With all the great features of the Magic Mouse, the Trackpad puts a new spin on a familiar concept. Doesn’t your new device deserve more than one standard color?

Och när du ändå kollar in vilken färg du vill ha på Magic Trackpad så se till att du köper matchande Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard och Magic Mouse.