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Star Wars och augmented reality i Falcon Gunner


Spänn fast dig i kanontornet på Millennium Falcon och skjut Tie Fighters för allt vad du är värd. Med hjälp av augmented reality kan du göra det i vilken miljö du vill. Spelet har stöd för Retina-skärmen på iPhone 4 och iPod Touch 4 samt Game Center och integration med Facebook.

    AR MODE BRINGS THE FIGHT TO YOUR LIVING ROOM: Using your phone’s camera, gyroscope/compass and accelerometer, Falcon Gunner turns your earthly surroundings into epic space battles and lets you control the action by steering your body in physical space. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen.

    CLASSIC ARCADE ACTION, 20+ LEVELS: Inspired by the classic 1984 Star Wars arcade title, this first-person action game throws you into the Millennium Falcon’s gunnery seat, letting you experience more than 20 levels of arcade action spanning the legendary smuggling vessel’s most exciting moments — including the Death Star escape, asteroid field pursuit across Hoth and infamous Kessel Run.

    SPECIAL MODIFICATIONS: As you blast your way through waves of TIE fighters, Star Destroyers, and a few other special surprises, you’ll earn credits that can be used to make special modifications to the Falcon’s offensive and defensive capabilities, including concussion missiles and a low-level tractor beam… perfect for grabbing TIE interceptors and launching them back at their black-helmeted buddies. (And if you’re impatient, you can purchase them from within the game.)

Spelet rekommenderas bara till iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS och iPod Touch 4th gen. Äldre enheter kan uppleva minnesproblem. Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner kostar 38 kr i App Store.

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