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The 7th Guest släppt till iPhone och iPad


Det gamla skräckspelet The 7th Guest har dykt upp på App Store idag. Spelet kommer i två versioner så tyvärr får man att köpa det till iPad eller iPhone det inte är universal. I spelet dyker det upp en mängd pussel som måste lösas. Den enda som kommer ut ur huset är den som kan klara alla pussel.

    This is an authentic return of the famous, blockbuster game with enhancements for the touch interface. A unique puzzle and story-telling adventure, as little as possible has been changed to preserve the original game experience. To play, tap the screen to move around Stauf’s haunted house and drag your finger to find places to go and mind-bending puzzles to solve. Discovering how the game is played is part of the gaming experience. But to help you get started, you might want to check out the pyramid in the lower right corner of the Sphinx board. It’s as if The 7th Guest was created especially for the touch interface and the screen of your iPhone or iPad.

Spelet väger ca 650MB så tänk på det innan du laddar hem.

The 7th Guest, iPhone – 22 kr
The 7th Guest - Trilobyte Games, LLC.

The 7th Guest, iPad – 45 kr
The 7th Guest for iPad - Trilobyte Games, LLC.